Tobacco Products

People in the Indian sub continent not only enjoy chewing tobacco in different forms, but to an extent are addictive of this typical habit that is deep rooted in their culture. Oral tobacco known as Zarda or Zafrani Patti is consumed in different forms such as with Pan or Pan Masala, in Gutka, in the shape of Khaini and Gudaku among others. Many other scented variants such as Sweet Pan Masala, Pan Chutney and Supari are an essential part of Indian habits and living styles.

Be it the classic Zarda or Zafrani Patti, the refreshing Pan Masala or the mix of both, the ravishing product known as Gutkha, the widely popular Khaini or the range of mouth-fresheners, enhancing the fine tobacco flavours and evocative aromas remains a challenging task for greater market success. Sacheerome develops a wide selection of rich and exotic flavours and scents, tailor-made to meet custom requirements and help create unique masterpieces in terms of blend, aroma and refreshing taste. The company's proven track record as a tobacco flavour specialist has made Sacheerome one of the primary suppliers of flavours and compounds to national & global manufacturers. Our tradition of research and innovation continues to keep us abreast of consumers' choices, so that our valued clients may gain a crucial competitive edge.

With the advent of flavoured cigarettes and other tobacco products, Sacheerome has constantly focused on product innovation and designed a full range of exotic flavours & aromas. Be it fruity or floral, mint- or chocolate-based, bitter or sweet, strong or mild, our experienced tobacco flavourists will create just the right product for you - thus helping lift tobacco craftsmanship to a new height.