make in india


The Defence Production Policy, 2011 is encouraging the native to manufacturing the defence equipment. The Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) provides ample of benefits after it has been amended in 2016.

  • Buy Indian- IIDDM (indigenously designed, developed and manufactured) is a new category of capital procurement. It has been introduced to encourage indigenous designs, development, and manufacturing of defence equipment.

  • Various categories are introduced and people are preferring more on Buy (Indian-OODM), Buy (India) and Buy & Make (Indian) over Buy Global categories.

  • The indigenous contents have a completely clear and unambiguous content.

  • The Indian Industry partners enjoy the provision for maintenance TOT (Transfer of Technology)

  • Foreign OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is allowed by the provision to select the Indian Production Agency.

  • Minimum indigenous content must be enhanced.

  • Services’ are re-introduced as a revenue for discharging the offsets.

  • The industrial licensing over the defence products list has to be made expressive in June 2014. Large numbers of parts/components, castings/forgings etc have been excluded from the list.

  • The private sector defence manufacturing units have been decided through the defence security manual for the private sector. After finalizing, the manufacturing units are put in the public domain by the Department of Defence Production. The manual clarifies the security architect while undertaking security defence equipment.

  • The MAKE procedure concentrates to promote research & development in the industry. It gets support from the Government and enjoys the provision of 90% Government funding and preference to MSMEs in certain category of projects.